Our achievements

Our partners

Some of our contributions


In 2015, we took part in the disposal of a 70,000 sqm prime London shopping centre to an Asian investor

In July 2016, we advised a private equity fund in its disposal of a 10,000 sqm prime asset on the Champs-Elysées in Paris to a Middle Eastern fund, from value creation to restructuring and on to reletting

In January 2018, we acquired a hotel to be converted into a 3,000 sqm luxury mixed-use building for a private equity fund

Financing Consulting

In May 2017, we refinanced a prime 100,000 sqm shopping centre in Poland for REITs

In July 2017, we advised a family office in the financing of a 14,000 sqm luxury residential portfolio

In December 2018, we advised a private equity fund in its acquisition and financing of a 6,650 sqm office building located in the 17th district in Paris

Asset Management and Real Estate Consulting

Management of a 50,000 sqm retail portfolio including leasing, restructuring projects and active asset management

In June 2018, we helped a Chinese investor validate the positioning and vision for a redevelopment project in Italy